Python Basics-IDE (PyCharm)

Code effortlessly

When it comes to programming you need an integrated development environment (IDE) to code, structure,re-structure, debug etc. These softwares help us to minimize the coding effort. There are many IDEs for Python like Jupyter, Spider, Pycharm, VSCode etc. In this tutorial will focus on PyCharm IDE.

  1. Download Pycharm Community Version:
    Click the download button under community section to get the open-source version or you can go with professional version (advance user). For beginners opensource version will suffice.

2. Once the download completes, open the executable file, you will see the below window. Go ahead and click on next.

3. Installer will ask for the location at which you want to store the files related to PyCharm. You can choose any location on your system and click next.

Create Desktop Shortcut : It will create a launcher icon on your desktop.
Update context menu: It will add option of opening a folder as a PyCharm project.(Dont worry we will see what a project is later in the tutorial series)
Create Association: It will associate PyCharm to any .py files in the system for editing purpose.
Update PATH Variable: It will add the path of the PyCharm launcher to system path variable.

5. In next window you will see is to select the start folder in which you wish to add the PyCharm into. Chose the default and click install.

6. If everything is fine you will see the installation window:

7. Once the installation completes you can choose to restart you machine to restart or you can manually restart later. This restart is mainly required to change the path variable. Click on finish.

8. Open PyCharm:
Just click on ‘Ok’ to proceed.

9. You will see a tutorial window popping up. You can go through it to see few basic features of Pycharm.

We have downloaded and installed python and PyCharm IDE on our system.
In tutorials to follow, we will explore Python Programming with few simple examples and develop logic with the help of tricky use-cases.

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